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Company Profile

Established by Mr. N Padmanabhan in the year 1981, Eminent Engineering Corporation is a renowned fabrication company in India. We are engaged in providing all kinds of Industrial Fabrication Services for fabrication services, industrial fabrication services, lifted plates, screw conveyors, industrial screw conveyors, boat pontoons, dust collectors, chemical tanks, copper chemical tanks, expansion joints and fan impeller castings.In addition to this, we also offer lamella plate clarifiers and lifted plates. We are also engaged in exporting various fabricated industrial equipments. We are also registered under the following


Quality is a tradition at Eminent. A professional quality management system is the basis of all our operations, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and environmental – friendliness of our products and systems.

The Eminent quality system forms the framework of operations and ensures quality at all stages of product design, development, manufacture, marketing and customer service.

This means that Eminent plans, initiates, implements, and monitors not just the quality of its products, but the total integrated system.

Our Facility in Coimbatore

We have a 6500 sq.ft fabrication floor area facility in Coimbatore city with a 10 tonne over head gantry capacity. We have highly trained and graduated workers. We also have more than 35 years of experience in this industry and quality is our main priority.

Our Customers

Our Major Exports

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